Trademark – OMWEB

OMWEB is grateful for the trust that people place in our products, services, and experiences. These Trademark and Brand Guidelines (“Trademark Guidelines”) detail how you can help us protect OMWEB’s brand assets, including logos, names, app and product icons, and the trust that they represent. OMWEB reserves the right to take action as necessary to protect them and, as a result, protect its customers and the public.

Dos and Don’ts
Trademarks & wordmarks can be used to truthfully convey information about our product or service, as long as customers and the public will not be confused into believing OMWEB is affiliated with or endorses our product or service. However, our logos, photographs, videos, and designs can never be used without an express license.

Legal Notice
Any use of OMWEB’s Brand Assets inures solely to OMWEB’s benefit and all use must comply with these Trademark Guidelines, or other licensing/contractual arrangements with OMWEB. Third parties, including licensees, may never claim ownership rights in OMWEB’s Brand Assets, or brands that are confusingly similar to OMWEB’s Brand Assets, in any manner, including without limitation as a trademark, service mark, company name or designation, domain name, social media profile/handle, or in any other manner.

OMWEB expressly reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate, revoke, modify, or otherwise change permission to use its Brand Assets at any time and expressly reserves the right to object to any use or misuse of its Brand Assets in India jurisdiction.

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